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Neverending knot online

13. jul. 2012

Naš pol urni komični triler Neskončni vozel je končno na voljo za download. Zraven filma boste na DVD ju našli še dokumentarec o snemanju, fotogalerijo, članke, itd. Za download filma kliknite tukaj (Torrent - 3.5 GB) ali tukaj (Torrent - DVDrip 352MB - samo film; brez making of-a in dodatkov).
Our 30 minute long comic thriller Neverending knot is finally available for download. Beside the film, you will find a Making of, Photogallery, Press material and bunch of other extras on the DVD. For download just click here (Torrent - 3.5 GB) or here (Torrent - DVDrip 352MB - just the movie; no extras; no subtitles).


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